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Guitar Hero World Tour User Created Songs using GH Studio – 03-14-2009, 05:17 AM I'm trying to collect as many user created song saves that are made using the GH Studio feature o...

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Guitar Hero World Tour User Created Songs using GH Studio – 03-14-2009, 05:17 AM I'm trying to collect as many user created song saves that are made using the GH Studio feature of this game. These saves can be shared by taking them off your MC with either uLE (please use psu paste and not mc paste), or a cheat device. Please specify name of song, game region, (PAL or NTSC), and format of save, when uploading. These are the actual steps to get a save off your PS2 MC: 1) obtain any known compatible USB storage device. (could be anything from a USB stick, to ipod, to USB HDD) compatibility list of know working USB devices (pen drive compatability list) 2) save game save to the USB storage device uLE tutorial (particularly the "D) SaveGame management" section) Codebreaker tutorial- 3) upload those files here or to some upload site To put a save onto your PS2 MC 1) (if necessary) convert game save to format of software you are using with PS2save builder software link- ** simply open the save file and save it in the format your cheat device supports. If you will use uLE to copy it to your MC, then you will need to save it in then use PS2 save converter to convert it to format. PS2 save converter software link 2) back-up your existing save to a USB device if you are going to need it again. (see your devices documentation, or tutorial) 3) copy save from your USB device to the PS2s MC with uLE, CB, Armax, etc I recommend using uLe to manage your saves for a few reasons. 1) It's free! (you must have a way to boot homebrew though) 2) It's compatible with more USB devices than all other software, both commercial and homebrew (Codebreaker has known problems with recognizing USB storage devices on Slim PS2s) 3) It isn't required to be launched from CD based media, which many PS2 with weaker (worn out) lasers cannot read. ARmax, Gameshark, Codebreaker, Xploder all come on CDs. uLE can be launched from USB, MC, HDD, CD, and DVD. Link to uLE's home thread. (unofficial LaunchELF v4. 42) I have actually made an offer to the score hero community, that I will also extend to fellow members here. If there is a person reading this forum who has 5 or more well done custom songs that they want to get off their mem card, but doesn't have a way to do so. I'll send it to them for $5. Just enough to cover shipping fees to anywhere in the US. This disc can also be used to install FMCB. It has the media player feature. My other stipulation is that you pass it on to the next person who needs it for the same purpose. Since this disc can also be used to install FMCB, you could just use it to install FMCB. Then pass it on to the next person, as uLE can be used to get your saves off the MC. In review: $5 for ARmax with media player *Must have 5 or more well done custom songs (youtube videos would help us see that they are well done) If you are an experienced chart maker this may not be necessary. *Must be willing to pass it on to the next person in need for the same shipping only price.!! Please also keep in mind that if your PS2 has problems reading CD based games, that this disc may not be usable for you, until you clean adjust or replace the laser. Link to score hero thread. If you want a save file with all the built-in songs unlocked and clicked here by mistake, see link below. (Guitar Hero World Tour (All Songs unlocked)).

Conversion GH III custom WII songs into FOFIX / PHASE SHIFT Hey guys I have a lot of GH3 Customs games for Nintendo Wii (like GH SUm41, GH LED Zeppelin etc... ). Now I wanna extract the songs from the ISO files of the WII games and conver them in order to play with PC version of FOFIX/PHASE SHIFT or also for the originals GUITAR HERO III and WORLD TOUR for PC. The problem is that I don't know how to do it. How can I do it with RAWKSD? If I load WII GH3 ISO and then I try to import song, the program creates 4 files with no extension (audio, chart, data, preview) for every song I import, but I don't know how to convert the songs I imported in "mp3"/ogg and "" files. Please, help me.

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